STUDIO MGAARQTOS is an architecture, urban planning and research team resolute to make a positive impact on people, places and planet.

"Connecting previously unconnected concepts"

"Designing for people, places, and planet"

We believe that built spaces must respond to human needs while taking into account their impact on a local and global level.

"Communicate with the environment"

We research the collaborative partnership between inhabitants and their natural environment to mutually benefit each other.

"Spaces for opportunities"

We reinterpret the existing by reducing the environmental impact and creating new space opportunities.

"Design for sustainability"

We propose a holistic design process based on durability and low-tech solutions to achieve sustainable goals.

Esther González Aurignac

CO-Founder / Architect / Urban Planner

Tom Mossel

Co Founder / Architect

Tom Mossel and Esther González-Aurignac are architects, urban planners, and creative thinkers. After a career in various international studios in the Netherlands, they founded STUDIO MGAARQTOS in 2000, specializing in design for sustainability. Their work has been awarded both nationally and internationally for its search for the symbiotic relationship between our buildings, their inhabitants, and our natural environment. In parallel, Tom has been a guest lecturer on several occasions at TU Delft and Academies van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, among others. Esther is also a lecturer at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

"A good project is one that stands the test of time"

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1º Price

Competition for the Project, Works and Management of the Early Childhood Education Centre in the municipality of Gilet, Valencia, Spain (2011)

3º Price

Ideas competition for the Plaza A. Egea of the municipality of Garucha, Almeria, Spain (2009)

Innovation Award

“Nou muses a la innovació” del municipio de Moncada por el Edificio industrial Nave Alumont, Valencia, España (2009)

1º Price

for the drafting of the project for the VIVERO DE EMPRESAS III in Moncada, Valencia, Spain (2001)

1º Price

in the category of architecture and urban planning. International competition «Amphisch Wonen». Department of Culture and Spatial Planning of the Province of South Holland, The Netherlands (2000).

Arquitectura reciente valencia 2011-12-13 (2014)

SBN 9788416236008, Colegio territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia.

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Arquitectura y Sostenibilidad II (2007)

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VLC-Arquitectura Emergente (2004)

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Smart Architecture (2003)

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Duurzame Technologie. Ontwikkeling van een houdbare wereld (2002)

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Verb Processing architecture boogazine (2001)

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ISBN: 90-5662-180-7, NAI Uitgevers, Rotterdam

The City of small things (2000)

ISBN: 90-805862-1-8, Stichting Parasite Foundation, Rotterdam.



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